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What they say

  • BuySaaSMVP turned our idea into a functional MVP within weeks, and their expertise with the Rails stack ensured a codebase that allows other Rails devs to hit the ground running.

    Maria, Startup Founder, Spain
  • We were impressed by BuySaaSMVP's professionalism and ability to deliver high-quality MVPs on time and within our budget. They truly understood our vision and didn't hassle us with constant upsells (like regular agencies).

    Jan, Germany
  • As a non-technical founder you were a lifesaver! From the initial call to delivery I was confident in the result, allowing me to focus on business development. No upsells, but rather downselling! The MVP exceeded my expectations.

    Sophie, France
  • Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence is commendable. Even more so considering the price.

    Mark, United Kingdom
  • Your expertise in Rails development helped us launch our MVP quickly and efficiently. Loved the guidance to shave off all non-mvp features. True to your promise.

    Luca, Italy
  • We used BuySaaSMVP twice now. Working with BuySaaSMVP is a game-changer for our startup. Their cost-effective pricing and quality made them an easy choice for the development of two (so far) internal tool of ours.

    Helena, Sweden
  • Not only did they deliver a functional MVP but also provided valuable insights and ideas to further develop in the future. Highly recommended!

    Lars, Denmark
Read our 8 guiding principles to MVP

How does it work?

Getting your first Rails SaaS MVP is a straigtforward step-by-step process.

  1. Fill this form
  2. We will get back to you in one business day to set up a 30-minute intake call to go over the details.
    • any unique business details for your MVP;
    • any tech unknown.
  3. Based on this, we send a quote for the complete project and an estimate when the project could start and be finished
  4. When the first payment of 50% is received, the scheduled start date is final
  5. You will be able to check the project's progress on a Heroku instance
  6. Once all agreed scope is finished, the remaining 50% is paid, ownership of the codebase is transfered

What's included?

Our SaaS MVPs come with all standard features you might expect. But at the same time many common features are left out on purpose as well. After many years of experience leaving out certain features has proven to help you stay focussed. Not just in the short run (while you get product market fit), but also in the longer run. Example: adding a dark theme to your app means tweaking and changing the UI for every new feature you add. Twice the work!


  • Core features for your MVP
  • Basic (custom) authentication (email + password)
  • Payments/billing via Stripe Checkout and their Customer Portal
  • Neutral UI (designed with the latest TailwindCSS)

Not included

  • Secondary authentication features (confirmation, password reset, 2fa, etc. are not needed for your MVP)
  • Custom Stripe billing set up (Stripe's lowcode solution is really good)
  • Admin area (you can use the console first)
  • Features not related to your core feature set (as agreed upon beforehand)
  • Unrelated MVP resources, eg. marketing site, blog, social media profiles, email templates
  • Hosting of the app and associated services

Who is it for?

These SaaS MVPs are best suited for:

  • product people who know a specific niche/industry very well
  • marketers who want to quickly test the waters with their MVP
  • people who already have a successful stringed-together/no-code product, ready for the next stage
  • a combination of all the above…

If you don't have coding-experience, we offer monthly plans for improvements/maintenance too. Not sure if you are a good fit? Get in touch.

The tech stack

All MVPs are built with Ruby on Rails 7 (latest available version). It’s the framework to quickly develop any modern web SaaS. Well-known companies using Rails: Basecamp, Hey, Shopify and GitHub. So Rails is not just perfect for the MVP, but perfect way beyond! What is great is that there are literally thousands of articles on common issues and best practices, gems to utilize and many developers available with years of real experience.

Other tech details:

This stack is non-negotiable. Best Rails practices are in use. And lastly: only when absolutely necessary is a minimal amount of custom JS used (via Stimulus). After all: the more moving elements, the more can break. We want a solid SaaS!

What are the costs of running these MVPs?

Any MVP can initially run on a Heroku hobby web dyno. That's $7 per month. As you grow you need to increase database size, the CPU and memory. Other costs might include: domain name, transactional emails, and any other business-specific tools. Every MVP will be structured in such way that costs will be really low in the initial months.

You can always choose other PaaS platforms to host your app.


From the initial talk and the go-ahead to a functional app running on Heroku costs between €5,000 - €20,000. Prices are in EUR. The quote will be custom for your MVP.

  • 🧘‍♀️


    The most focussed MVP


    • 2 - 3 core features
    • 1 third-party API integration
    • Minimal Javascript (via Turbo)
    • Ready in 10 days
  • Solid

    More advanced


    • 3 - 5 core features
    • Max. 3 third-party API integrations
    • Custom JS with Stimulus.js
    • Ready in 30 days
  • 🎯


    Google: we come for you!


    • Multiple advanced features
    • Max. 5 third-party integrations
    • Advanced JS with Stimulus JS
    • Ready in 50 days

Monthly plans for recurring maintenance are avaible too. Starting at €300/month.

Enquiry form

Since our inception in early 2022 we've built more than 85 successful products for people around the world. After screening your enquiry, you are invited for a quick 30-minute intake call to go over your MVP's details.

All the info provided will be treated with confidence.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you offer this against such low prices?

With many years of building SaaS MVPs with Rails, we built a huge library of common SaaS features and an extensive list of UI components. We’ve built a system that allows our developers to easily “mix and match” foundational features to get started. From there they can focus solely on your core product. As we strip out all nice-to-haves, development time is relatively quick, keeping the costs down. Instead of selling you more time, we focus on selling as little as possible!

What's up with the availability?

Each month there is a maximum of 4 slots available. This limit allows to build the best possible products with a small team.

Is this a “productized service”?

Yes. We built processes and tools that do a lot of the tedious work needed when building any new product. The things that are not automated are: the intake- and off-boarding call with you ánd the development of your core MVP.

What kind of products have you built?

Anything from a CRUD-like CRM to a more sophisticated aggregation tool using many different third-party API’s. But the thing they all had in common is that they had a really clear problem to solve and a founder who knew their space well.

What is the step-by-step process like?

After your enquiry is received, we will reach out to set up a 30-minute call to go over the details. Based on this information we provide you with a definitive quote. If you approve, you are asked to pay the initial 50% of the quote. When paid, your product is scheduled in. Based on the scope of your product development time takes anywhere between 2 and 6 weeks. During this time you are able to see the progress on a staging server. When the project is nearly finished, there’s a handoff call where we go over the product. This is the time to request some last tweaks as well.

How does the pricing work?

The pricing listed above is a scale. Minimum is €5,000 and maximum is €20,0000. This means that sometimes we need to skip more features as they won’t fit into the “mvp scope”. Most projects we built are in the €7,500 and €12,500 range.

Are you available for maintenance or product improvements too?

Yes, monthly contracts for feature improvements or bug monitoring are available to previous customers starting at €300/month. We don’t offer these monthly contracts for projects not built by us.

Do you have a leads/referral program?

If you bring in projects that we decide to take on, you get a 25% commission after project completion. Based on our pricing scale, this can mean anything between €1,250 and €5,000 per project. This does not apply to any monthly plans or contracts. Get in touch about the details, how to enroll and to get approved.

Where are you based?

Our company is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

How can I contact you?

You can reach us at